Classroom Policies

Make-up classes: Each child is permitted 3 make-ups per 10 week semester. Current families can schedule make-ups online by logging in to the family portal. Choose 'Make-Up’ from the portal page. Once you've scheduled your makeup you will receive a confirmation email. If you find you can’t attend your scheduled make-up, you can cancel it in the same way. So long as you cancel your scheduled make-up, it will not count towards your three. If you find you need more than the allotted three per semester, please reach out to Christa and we'll do what we can to schedule those extra classes.

Extra children: Older siblings are welcome on school holidays - space permitting, but please ask your teacher ahead of time. We ask that you consider making a donation to our Tuition Assistance Fund set-up to offer qualified families an opportunity to participate in family music. If you wish to bring an extra child to other classes, again, please ask your teacher. If the class size can accommodate another child, we suggest a donation of $10, to go towards our tuition assistance fund.

Extra adults: Grandparents and other favourite adults are always welcome for some good ol' fashioned music making. Please be sure to let them know that everyone participates in class, as children learn best from the modeling of adults they love.

Food, Drinks and Toys: Please save snacks, juice and toys for after class. A discreet sip of water from a sippy cup, kept safely out of reach, is fine.

Germs and Illness: We are very committed to ensuring the healthiest environment possible for all of our families. Instruments are cleaned regularly. If your child has put any instruments in their mouths, please be sure to put them in the wet bin for cleaning and disinfecting. When deciding whether or not to stay home with a sick child, lease err on the side of caution. This is one of the reasons we offer make-up classes.

Diaper Changes: Please use the change tables available at all of our locations (except Livingston Presbyterian), and take soiled diapers with you.

Phones and cameras: We try to create an environment where music is the focus. Please turn all phones off and put them away during class so you can be present for your child and the class community. As for photos, we'd be happy to arrange a photo day with your class or help you stage the perfect shot, after class.

Inclement Weather: As a general rule of thumb, if the schools are closed, so are we. If we need to cancel class, we will make a post to our Facebook page and website home page. For other class cancellations (i.e teacher illness) we will make every attempt to notify you personally by email. All classes cancelled will be made up at the semester’s end.

Helpful Tips for Enjoying Your Music Together® Experience

Wear comfy clothes. In our classes you and your child will be sitting on the floor, dancing around the room, jumping up and down, banging on a drum, and participating in many other fun and energetic activities. Please dress comfortably. Also, please be aware that for the safety of our little ones crawling around on the floor, we ask that everyone remove their shoes before entering the classroom. Please bring socks!

Hello everybody, so glad to see you! The "Hello Song" is a beloved ritual that welcomes the children at the beginning of each class. Children delight in hearing their own name in the Hello Song, so please arrive on time for class.

Shhhh! Please keep non-music related chatter to a minimum. Boost your child's experience in class by remembering to sing, sing, sing! Your active participation (regardless of what you think your musical ability is) is the key to your children learning and growing musically. Support the creation of a music-only environment while in class by not talking to your children or other adults during the 45 minutes. Since it is difficult for a young child to filter out adult conversation, please wait to socialize till after class, and instead contribute to the creation of a musical environment for the children to absorb.

Allow your child to participate at their own comfort level. Some days that might mean that your little one is "just" sitting and absorbing the musical atmosphere around them. Other days it might be wearing a drum as a hat, singing parts of the songs, or dancing along to the music in a corner of the classroom. As long as your child is safe to both himself and others, we encourage every child to experience class in the way that is most meaningful and developmentally appropriate to them! The only thing we ask is no running. We’ll ask your help in musically re-directing any fast feet in class.