Health & Safety Protocols


  • In person classes will be held outdoors for Spring 2021
  • Outdoor classes will be limited to 9 families per class
  • Families are asked to remain physically distanced at all times (2 metre spacing)
  • Families are asked to wear a mask when moving to/from their spot in the circle. Once on your blanket, you may continue to wear your mask, however since we are outside, we will leave this decision up to each family
  • Please bring your own a blanket to sit on for your class, and be mindful of current weather conditions for your family's comfort (i.e. wet grass, sunshine etc.) Each family is to sit on their own blanket. Please no sharing
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring children do not stray from their family's designated spot (which we know isn't very developmentally appropriate, however...) Please redirect them if they will come in contact with other families. Feel free to scoop them up and dance on your blanket at any time or walk away from the circle and sing from a distance if children need to move around. If your child leaves the blanket, follow them and enjoy the fact that you can still sing along with your community and we'll do our best at keeping a safe 2 meter/6 foot distance from other families
  • Each family is responsible for bringing their own instruments to use in class (purchased or homemade) - please bring them to class EVERY week. Your teacher may ask you to supplement with some at-home instruments/props
  • Health screenings will be completed at the start of each class, please arrive at least 5 minutes before class to complete with your teacher. Screening must be acknowledged before each class. Please stay home if you or your child feels unwell


Thank you for helping us keep our community safe and well!